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Rings of the Templars

Gene Ellison
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Rings of the Templars
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Rings of the Templars is a novel written for the enthusiast of mystery and adventure who demand to be drawn into the labyrinth of suspense. A gripping tale that will capture those who enjoy the magic and lure of Scotland, Scottish history and her heritage.A story of intrigue, deception, and murder hinging on a riddle buried with a Templar Knight and a lost treasure that could unravel the fabric of the Christianity

In the Rings of the Templar, Jim Kirkwood, a self-indulgent and at times unsympathetic profiteer, joins forces with the Chief of a Scottish Clan and a beautiful Archeologist in search of lost treasure in the snow-covered highlands of Scotland.

Hidden for over five hundred years, the treasure reaches back into biblical times and contains truths that, if rediscovered, would unravel the fabric of the Christian era.

Betrayals and lies attempts to derail his quest as the grave of an ancient Knight surrenders the encrypted keys setting the stage for deception, murder and the greatest archeological find of all times.

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Format: Hard Cover & Soft Trade Cover
Page 347
ISBN: 0-595-24050-X (stc)
ISBN: 0-595-74420-6 (hc)
iUniverse, Inc
Nrw York Lincoln Shanghai

Printed in the United States of America

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