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Gene Ellison

Gene Ellison
The Ebony Coffin
Periwinkle Lies
The Haunting
Murder at the Blue Boar Inn
Rings of the Templars
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A native Texan, Gene attended the University of Texas. After receiving a degree in Civil Engineering, he embarked on a successful career in structural design working in the UK, the Middle East and United States. Dr. Ellison holds advance degrees from the Aberdeen University and an MBA from Emory University. He is a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland

After retiring in 1997, Gene enjoys his first passions: writing, painting and lecturing on Scottish history and the art of whisky tasting. His strong ties to his Scottish heritage, extensive studies and travel in Scotland provides him a unique insight to weave a tale so thought provoking that it challenges your sense of the truth. In the end, you will be grateful it is fiction; or is it. Gene is currently working on his sixth Jim Kirkwood adventure novel.

Gene Ellison, FSA Scot
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Novels by B Eugene Ellison

  • Periwinkle Lies
  • Rings of the Templars
  • The Haunting
  • Murder at the Blue Boar Inn
  • The Ebony Coffin

With his bride of forty-five years, Gene has lived and worked in England, Scotland, and Kuwait. They now make their home in Knoxville, TN. Gene is directly involved in Scottish heritage promotion,consults with start-up and new businesses, conducts OSHA and HIPPA training, and develops computer systems and Websites.

Gene is a past Director/Treasurer of the Gatlinburg Scottish Festival & Games, Director/Treasure of the Caledonian Heritage Group, a past President and Director of the Scottish Society of Knoxville. He is a member of the Clan Macpherson, Clan Donald and the Family Bruce, having traced his ancestry back to the sister of Scottish King Robert de Bruce. 

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