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The Ebony Coffin - Paperback

Jim's visit to an antique shop starts with an invitation and ends in a hail of bullets. B. Eugene Ellison's unforgettable character Jim Kirkwood, a self-indulgent, self-confident, and at times unsympathetic connoisseur of human nature, finds himself swept into a bottomless pit of betrayal and malice as events quickly spin out of control in the search for perhaps the greatest archeological find of all times.

At a clandestine auction held at a mansion in southern England, things quickly turn deadly, throwing Jim Kirkwood into a lethal cat-and-mouse game of deception, greed, and murder.

The Ebony Coffin, the fifth Jim Kirkwood novel, finds Jim chasing a man of the Church and perhaps the most evil-and by far the most beautiful and mysterious-woman he has ever encountered. The Ebony Coffin puts Jim again searching for that which has been lost for hundreds of years, as he and Iain MacLeod, Chief of the Clan MacLeod, crisscross Scotland and England in search of a murderer and the treasure.

The Ebony Coffin is a spellbinding new thriller from B. Eugene Ellison in which Jim settles old scores with an unexpected twist that may cost him his life.

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